Bar Mitzvah Ceremony in Synagogue

Mazal Tov!

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is an important ritual. Your young man is called to the Torah and chants his haftarah, an event for which he prepares in advance

For nearly 2,000 years, Jewish tradition celebrates this milestone via a special ceremony which is conducted in a synagogue, welcoming the Mitzvah-eligible young man to the world of Jewish adulthood, which makes this once-in-a-lifetime event an extraordinary one – in more than just one way

How to Plan a Successful Bar Mitzvah in Synagogue

A successful Bar Mitzvah ceremony in synagogue starts with your first phone call to Efrat Productions, spanning all the way from the morning of the Bar Mitzvah to the Aliyah itself

With his pleasant voice, the cantor-singer Asaf Shefer will be performing the prayer alongside your Bar Mitzvah young man, accompanied by an organ, a shofar, and drums for an unforgettable celebration in accordance with traditional Jewish ways

A Perfect Bar Mitzvah in Synagogue consists of

Directing, poetry and cantorial performance by cantor Asaf Shefer

Accompanied by drums, shofars, and lots of great energy that will provide an excellent start on the morning of the Aliyah

An exciting, first-time Tefillin laying ceremony

A joyous, festive and unforgettable prayer with the participation of guests and worshipers

An Aliyah which is conveyed by song and dance

An exciting priestly blessing, accompanied by shofars and lots of excitement

For more details, contact Cantor Asaf Shefer right now and start planning an unforgettable Bar Mitzvah ceremony