Chuppah Entrance

Dear bride and groom, congratulations on your thrilling, upcoming wedding!

The most important part of your wedding ceremony is the main array of events, starting with the Kiddushin, the seven blessings and of course the wearing of the ring by the bride, during which all eyes of family and friends will be fixed on all those under your wedding canopy throughout this special event, while they wish nothing but the best wishes for you two. But before these much-expected moments, you'll be entering the wedding canopy, which is in itself an exciting moment that needs to be just perfect.

For a Perfect Chuppah Entrance, You Only Need One Thing

The importance of this status is immeasurably greater and at that moment, Gd is with you, as closely as possible. The bridesmaids have already scattered the roses, the groom steps to cover the face of his bride and the ceremony begins.

The singer Assaf Shefer will accompany you during the entire ceremony with songs and lots of excitement and will present you an amazing evening on a silver platter, with a sweeping live performance and Piyyutim, as befits a wedding such as yours.

A Chuppah Entrance with Cantor-Singer Assaf Shefer

Entering a special and unforgettable canopy with the most exciting chuppah songs performed by a professional chuppah singer is a great way to leave a lasting impression on all the guests – and make sure it will be a sweet memory for you two.

For more information and for planning your entrance, contact Cantor Asaf Shefer right now and make sure your chuppah entrance is truly an unforgettable one!